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Preschool philosophy

At Sadleir Public School Preschool we believe that the Early Childhood environment promotes the foundation of education as a lifelong learner. 

We acknowledge that children are individuals who contribute diversity, experience, family life and community engagement to drive the learning. We believe the children are the centre of the learning environment and as a result the children engage as explorers through open ended, interest based, safe risk play. The program provides space and option for children daily to ensure they are making choices within the program and displaying or improving their agency.

As educators we welcome, nurture and guide the children through a play based program by extending and challenging individuals to be the best version of themselves. As educators we value and acknowledge each child’s unique learning, cultural background, additional learning and support needs and work with families and the community to support the child.

We work collaboratively with families, acknowledging them as the first educators in their child’s life. We continue to work with families to involve and extend their child on their learning journey.

The indoor environment provides a variety of spaces for children to engage meaningfully with experiences, promote opportunities to collaboratively engage and build relationships.

The outdoor environment encourages safe risk taking that challenges individual abilities. Through flexible equipment the environment is adaptable to meet the needs of every child.



Reviewed May 2020 - K Dixon, L Foat, M Zammit, C Farkas, M Ralph